If you are a mobile user used to working with contracts, you probably know the service provider Tesco Mobile. The cellular service provider has been serving millions of customers within the UK, with coverage extending to the UK’s most remote places.
Whether it is to buy a phone or subscribe to the service, you can always be sure Tesco is ready with the best tariffs in your locality. With hundreds of Tesco mobile phone shops located all over the UK, you can never miss out on the deals they offer. Customer care is always ready to answer any of your questions, any time and anywhere.
Even with all these benefits, there are reasons why you would personally like to cancel your subscription with Tesco Mobile. Below is a comprehensive outlook on how you can do that correctly.

Benefits of Subscription

There are so many perks that come with choosing Tesco mobile contracts as your primary service provider. One of the benefits is through the Tesco Clubcard Plus. As a Clubcard Plus subscriber, you have several benefits, such as having double Clubcard points as well as double data on your phone. Having that extra data does help a lot for that extra mile you want to go. Another advantage is that you can choose up to two shops to get up to 10% off your purchases.

Documentation and Unsubscribing

There are a couple of documents and data that you may need to present to Tesco now that you have decided to cancel the subscription to the service. The process can be done directly from your mobile phone. It can be done online, through SMS, or by phone. The standard details you may need to provide to the service provider include your name, identification documents, and details about your previous subscriptions.

You can always reach Tesco through their contacts in case you have additional queries on cancelling your contract. The number for the customer care and technical support is 4455 directly from your Tesco mobile. You can submit an email to Tesco through their website in the contact us section.

Cancelling your Tesco mobile contract comes with three options. You can use the PAC Code, STAC Code, and standard Cancellation processes. All of them have variations, but they work.

The PAC Code is the most common cancellation procedure.

You can get a PAC code online, by text message, or by phone.

● For online, log in to the Tesco mobile account service and click on the request a PAC option and follow the rest of the process.

● For text, message Text PAC to the number 65075 and wait to get the PAC code that you will use to cancel the contract.

Alternatives to Tesco Mobile

Tesco is certainly not the only mobile service provider in the UK. There are competitors around that you can opt to try until you get the type of service you prefer. To use services from other service providers, you will first need to unsubscribe from Tesco completely.

It is best to do thorough research and know all the types of packages the other mobile service providers offer. Some of the other companies you can try as soon as you unsubscribe to Tesco include: EE, O@, Vodafone, and Three. These are great options to consider.