Netflix is an outstanding streaming service with an extensive on-demand library for movies and TV shows. It has ruled the streaming industry due to its diverse content for various audiences. Besides, one can access old or new content from comedy, sci-fi, horror, action, documentaries and reality shows.

Netflix’s on-demand library has over 5,500 diverse titles with new content added weekly. Besides, they produce original content with renowned producers, directors and actors adding to their catalogue.

With a monthly subscription plan, you can stream movies and TV shows in HD quality to various devices. They have a basic payment option for money-savers, but it does not have HD viewing. The standard and premium plans allow streaming in four devices and provide HD quality.

Benefits of a Netflix Subscription

First-time Netflix users enjoy a one-month free trial. It allows you to test-drive the services offered before deciding to pay for the streaming services or cancel the Netflix membership. Apart from free trial and free content from Netflix’s originals, Netflix has numerous benefits, including:

Netflix plug-and-play features make it easy to use. One does not need to set up anything apart from signing up or logging into an account and streaming. Users can also download the Netflix app for streaming on phones and tablets.

• Unlike other streaming services with annoying adverts, Netflix is commercial-free. Users can stream the TV show or movie uninterrupted, even in the free trial.

• Watching offline is possible with Netflix since users can download content and watch later. It allows users to watch movies on road trips if the internet connection is unreliable.

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription

Netflix automatically deducts the monthly charges from the attached credit card or PayPal account at the end of 30 days. That means one has to cancel the subscription plan to quit the streaming service. Using the subscription email, users can access their Netflix account, which provides an option to cancel the subscription.

After the successful cancellation of the payment plan, Netflix will no longer deduct its monthly subscription fee. However, they do not delete your account, and you can restart your subscription at any time. Besides, if one cancels a subscription before the current billing cycle expires, Netflix will cancel the account on the expiry date.

How to Delete Netflix Account

As standard practice, Netflix will keep users’ account details ten months before they permanently delete them. But, users who want their details erased can contact Netflix via email and request permanent deletion. When contacting Netflix concerning the deletion of an account, the user should use the email used in the registration process.

Users should send emails concerning permanent deletion to [email protected].

Alternatives to Netflix

The streaming service industry is growing, with new companies joining daily. Therefore, it is no surprise when a user cancels a subscription with Netflix for another streaming platform. Streaming is more than just fantastic shows; it is about the user experience, value for money, and regular content. Some of the significant Netflix competitors available include:

• Amazon Prime Video
• Hulu
• Disney Plus
• YouTube TV
• HBO Max
• Apple TV Plus