HBO Now is a video-on-demand streaming service that allows members access to different videos. Among the accessed files is HBO original programmes. The content can be watched on personal computers, digital media players and smartphones.

The streaming service, despite stiff competition, has made a name for itself. It was unveiled in 2015 and was succeeded by HBO Max and serves mainly the United States of America. A monthly subscription is required to access the content.

How to Cancel HBO Now Subscription

If you are subscribed to HBO Now directly, there are a few ways you can unsubscribe. You can do it from their website, through an email or by addressing a letter to their physical address. It’s easier to unsubscribe directly through an app or your account on the site.


For any support relating to their services or cancelling an active subscription, send your request via [email protected]. Remember to include all the required information. The support staff will be able to help and reach out where necessary.


Open on your web browser and access your account. Tap on your account’s name at the top right corner, and the pop-up menu will appear. Through the menu, you can stop your renewal through the Auto Renew button. When using the app, you can unsubscribe under settings.

Documents You Need In Order To Request a Cancellation and Contact Details

Required documents:

  • Account credentials
  • User’s Email address
  • Personal data

Company’s Details


Physical address:

120 E 23rd St. A,

New York, NY 10010,

United States.

Phone number: +1 212-512-7800

Alternatives to HBO Now

There many other streaming services that compete with HBO Now and are highly ranked. With the booming market today, some of the competitors you can subscribe to are:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Disney plus
  • Apple TV
  • IMDb Movies & TV
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Lifetime
  • Crackle