DirecTV is an American direct broadcast satellite that provides consumers with digital television. It is one of the largest providers of digital entertainment of all kinds like sports and cinema.

DirecTV details


  • Customer Service:1-800-531-500.


DirecTV includes different packages with different prices.
The entertainment package wich is the cheapest includes 160+ channels at the price of 64.99 $ per month.

Here is the guide about how to cancel the subscription.

How to unsubscribe from DIRECTV

  1. Call DIRECTV and navigate through the spoken prompts to reach a human customer support spokesperson.
  2. Ask if you’re speaking to the retention department; if they say no, ask to be transferred to retention.You may have to wait a while.
  3. explain to the rappresentative that you want to cancel the account and why you want to do it.
  4. Once the rappresentative accept that yuo want to cancel the service. They will start the procedure and you will receive a delivery box to your house.You have 21 days to send back most of the DirecTV equipment (every receivers and remotes, except of the satellite-dish) that they sent to you via this box.
  5. You will have to pay the cancellation fee which usually is 20 $ for each remaining month of your contract.
  6. Call back direcTV support to confirm the cancellation of the service, and ask them if they received the equipment and the payment.

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