BT Group Plc, (formerly trading as British Telecom and BT), is a UK international telecommunication holding firm based in London, United Kingdom. As a leading provider of communication services globally, customers in the United Kingdom and another 180 countries globally are served by BT. Services offered include fibre broadband, fixed-line, mobile deals, BT sport, television packages, and IT services.

With about 104,000 employees worldwide (93,000 are in the UK), BT is a leading employer. Their current database consists of clients in around 180 countries. They have staff members in more than 50 countries. All of their brilliant client support teams are based in Great Britain or Ireland.

Benefits of Having a BT Contract

● BT offers low-cost services, at just £5.16 monthly, like the basic broadband package, as part of their Universal Service commitment. This package is strictly for those with zero earnings surviving on government benefits such as income support, universal credit with no wages, pensions credit, employment and support allowance, and income-based jobseeker’s allowance.
● Access to BT Wi-Fi in more than 5 million wireless public hotspots within the UK, meaning popping out to the local cafe upon reaching the residential monthly data limit, allows one to continue browsing.
● There’s no limitation of minimum contract duration.
● Wi-Fi extension allows browsing in any room around the home.
● Speeds go up to 900Mb.
● The new hybrid connect is the only unbreakable Wi-Fi in all of the United Kingdom.
● There’s no limit to downloads, streaming, and browsing.
● No extra usage charges are incurred regardless of usage.

Company’s Details


For general queries: [email protected]

For unresolved issues: [email protected]


Customer Service – 0800 800 150

Cancellation – 0800 345 7310 or 0800 783 1401

Corporate Enquiries – 020 7356 5000

Physical Address:

BT Group plc,

BT Centre,

81 Newgate Street,

London EC1A 7AJ

How to Unsubscribe from BT

Contracts are mostly either 12-month or 24-month long. Confirm the duration before cancelling the contract with BT. This can be done online by logging onto the MyBT account portal, going to the Support Menu, selecting My Orders, selecting the current package, and then checking the contract terms.

Termination requests are made either on the phone, though this may require one to hold for a while. Alternatively, write a letter indicating the cancellation intentions. Contract termination attracts fees –a £45 equipment charge. However, it is possible to cancel BT services without incurring an early termination charge by giving a 30 days’ notice. This depends on the service subscribed to – TV, mobile, broadband, calling features, etc.

Alternatives to BT

BT has the edge over its competitors in that it has direct leverage of billing, market, and cross-selling. Keep this in mind when finding an alternative. Similar companies include:

● Orange
● Deutsche Telekom
● Virgin group
● Telefonica
● Telenor
● Vodafone