Famously recognized as a joint venture operator of the British Broadcasting Corporation and the ITV plc, BritBox is a fascinating entertainment and internet platform that offers online digital video subscription services. This platform serves the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom and is responsible for an upcoming South Africa launch. Therefore, its focus on British content has resulted in the service being termed as the ‘niche streaming service’ in the United States.

Consequently, BritBox in the United Kingdom and other international services operates differently, and the host content is made exclusive. The action is thriving in such a manner that there are restrictions of content between various platforms. Thus, some content is available on one platform and not available on the other. BritBox is responsible for film production, film distribution, television production, and television distribution. Moreover, the company boasts over two million total subscribers.

The Benefits of Subscribing to Britbox

● BritBox has added an annual subscription of £59.99, saving the customers 16% compared to a monthly subscription of £5.99.
● If a customer signs up with BT for their home broadband, they have a chance to claim six months of free streaming until the promotion period ends and can opt to continue streaming for £5.99 per month.
● BritBox does not treat customers differently from those paying for the video-on-demand app. Thus, one can sign in to the BritBox app via any platform.
● If one is not a BT customer and does not qualify for the free streaming offer, worry less because BritBox is accessible to EE customers for free. An EE pay monthly customer can enjoy six months of free BritBox and covers all the cost of data used to watch until the end of six months.
● If one does not qualify for any of BritBox’s offers, it offers a free seven-day test-out streaming service for anyone at no cost before they start to pay for services.
● With the introduction of Channel 4 movies and shows, customers can comfortably watch fan-favourites, including Happy Valley, Top Gear, Gavin & Stacey, and Downton Abbey. BritBox subscribers can also access shows such as Broadchurch, Cold Feet, and Doctor Who Classic, which are not available on other platforms.

The BritBox Unsubscription Procedure

It is a common scenario for BritBox customers to leave and opt for other alternatives. Undesirable features noted during their subscription period may cause such. Concerning how to cancel BritBox, there are a series of steps to follow. Submit your cancellation at least 24 hours before the next renewal date. Once you cancel, you will receive an email approving your Unsubscription and lets you know the day that your subscription ends.

If you usually pay BritBox using a credit card, you ought to adhere to these steps:

● Sign in to your BritBox account at and open your account.
● Click on your name at the top right
● Click on the account details bar
● Select the subscription option
● Click on the “Your Plan” segment to your left. You will see your next payment date.
● Select “Cancel Subscription” and follow the instructions

If you pay BritBox using your Apple ID, Google Play account, or Roku, you are required to unsubscribe on their respective platforms. Besides, if you are watching on Apple TV or Amazon Prime Video Channels, you need to cancel your subscription on their media. BritBox Company cannot unsubscribe on your behalf since it does not have access to your subscription on its sites. However, uninstalling the BritBox app without unsubscribing first will not stop your subscription; therefore, charges will still apply.

Personal Details Required to Cancel Britbox

Customer’s name

● Customer’s email address

● Account’s password

Headquarters: New York, New York, United States
Press enquiry email: [email protected]
Customer service email: [email protected]

What are the Alternatives to Britbox?

● Netflix (Paid)
● Playary (Free)
● LookMovie (Free)
● Kanopy (Free)
● Flixxo (Free)
● Project Forward (Paid)
● Konnector Movie (Free Personal)