Boingo has gained popularity in recent years. Interestingly, it has been named Best Wi-Fi Service over ten times by the Global Traveler magazine. Arguably, they deserve the prestigious honor since their small cell networks keep more than a billion people connected annually.

The American company provides Wi-Fi and distributed antenna systems for various consumers from multifamily communities, commercial properties, convention centers, military bases, and stadiums to airports. Sadly, you wish to cancel the Boingo Wireless service for one reason or another. Below are quick steps to follow.

Documents required in canceling Boingo Wireless

When canceling your subscription, there are no documents needed besides the username and password to help you log in to your account.
To cancel online, visit or send an email to [email protected] for help.

How to cancel Boingo Wireless services

The following are various ways you can cancel your Boingo Wireless plan.

Recurring Wi-Fi subscriptions

They include; Boingo Asia Pacific, Boingo Mobile, Boingo Global, Boingo Unlimited, and Boingo UK & Ireland. You can cancel this plan by logging in to your account. On the “my account” left panel, select my plan and follow the link under “Cancel subscription” for any recurring payment or cancel the entire account.

iTunes subscription

If you signed up for the wireless services from Boingo WiFinder, you would cancel the template through “manage Subscription” using your iPhone or iPad settings menu.


For Hourly and Boingo Day Pass users, you can stop the charges by failing to log in at hotspots.

Other similar Wireless solution providers

• Cambium Networks. They offer Wireless Broadband solutions.
• Cogent Communications. They offer internet services internationally.
• Towerstream. They provide 4G wireless services.
• Common Networks. It is also a broadband internet provider.
• Mobilitie. The company offers wireless real estate solutions.