Amazon Prime Video is a video streaming service. It is available for all members of Amazon Prime. It also acts as a rental service under the official Amazon brand. To access videos for rent and streaming, you have to be an eligible member of Amazon Prime. Membership gives you access to thousands of prime videos and titles. Note that you do not have to pay for the additional content. Your original membership covers all the costs.

This streaming service primarily, but not exclusively distributes Amazon Studios films and television series. They also distribute content that is licensed to Amazon. In this case, they are categorized as Prime Originals or Exclusives. Additionally, members also get access to a wide range of content, content appendages, live sporting events, and purchasing services. Amazon Prime Videos are available in the US, UK, and Germany.

Benefits of Amazon Prime Video Membership

Before you decide to cancel your membership to Amazon Prime, you should consider the following benefits;

● Membership to Amazon Prime grants you access to a wide range of international content at no cost
● Membership also allows you access to rental and purchasing services for international videos
● Amazon Prime features thousands of movies produced or licensed to Amazon and Amazon Studios and other content from other providers. This means that the selection range is wide enough to keep you entertained always.
● Membership to Amazon Prime also allows you to access the services in different countries. This means that your login information will work even if you are not in the original country from where you subscribed. For instance, if you are living in the US and move to the UK, you can still access the services.
● Membership also allows you to stream on a wide range of devices with internet access.

How to cancel Amazon Prime Video

Canceling your Amazon Prime Video Membership is relatively easy. All you have to do is visit the Manage Your Prime Membership option and end your membership. If you want to cancel a specific subscription, go to the same settings page, then you have to select the subscription you wish to cancel, then choose a channel and confirm. Once you cancel your Amazon Prime Video membership, you also lose access to all additional subscriptions tied to your Amazon Prime Video membership.

Note that if your subscription was created through a third party, you have to contact them for assistance with cancellation like a mobile service provider.

Documents needed to cancel Amazon Prime Video

To cancel your Amazon Prime Video Membership, you will need to sign in to your account. Therefore, you do not need any specific documents. Instead, it would help if you had your login information (email or phone number and password).

Contact information

All necessary contact information can be acquired on the official Amazon Prime Video website.

Alternatives to Amazon Prime Video

While Amazon Prime Video is the leading streaming service, you can explore some other companies as alternatives. They are:

● Show Box
● JustWatch
● Flipps
● Free Movies
● Vikki
● BIGSTAR Movies