Acorns’ mission is to take care of your financial best interest. Whether you want to invest or save retirement money, Acorns got you covered. Their friendly policies are one of the many reasons they have a strong customer base in the US.

Despite the fact that Acorns has the best services, it is okay if you would like to opt out of their services. This guide shows you how to cancel your subscription and other services you might want to try.

Required Documents

To sign up for Acorns, you need to have documents such as a government-issued ID or driving license, your name, and the nature of the account you are opening, and the amount you would like to invest.

Note that while you need some money to start investing for retirement, there is no minimum amount required to open an account with Acorn. This makes the process easy and convenient for everyone.

How To Unsubscribe

To close or terminate your Acorns account, there are clear steps you need to follow. To do this via a mobile phone, log into your account and open the menu. It is located in the left corner of the screen.

Head to the settings and open “My Subscription.” From there, tap on “Close account” and then cancel your subscription. From there, follow the prompts to terminate your account.
On the website, log in to your account and click on your menu avatar. Next, head to profile settings, and click on “My subscription.” You will then be able to cancel your subscription. From there, follow the prompts to close your account.

List of Similar Companies

After closing the Acorns account, you definitely need a different company to invest and grow with. Here are the ones you should consider signing up with;

• Fidelity
• Charles Schwab
• Vanguard

Note that they have different policies. Be sure to go through them before completing your registration.