Anytime Fitness is a chain of health and fitness gymnasiums that takes pride in their ability to stay operational for 24 hours a day year long. Since its foundation in 2002 in Minnesota, United States, Anytime Fitness has expanded to operate more than 4000 franchised facilities in different countries across the world. Anytime Fitness membership allows its members unlimited access to all facilities at anytime of the day by using computerized key fobs.

Despite this convenience, one might be prompted to cancel their gym membership by various reasons. However, membership cancellation policies differ among the different Anytime Fitness facilities since they are independently owned and managed.

Required Documents/Personal Details and all Contact Details of the Company

Personal Information

  • Name
  • Contact Details
  • Address


Contact Details of the Company

Due to independent ownership and management of the different Anytime Fitness franchises, there are no specific contact details of the company. Each Anytime Fitness club has its own contact information that can be found in their membership agreement or by visiting the facility.

How to Unsubscribe

The various Anytime Fitness franchises are independently owned and do not share the same policies. Rather, each club operates on its own terms and conditions. Therefore, the only approach to canceling your Anytime Fitness membership is directly contacting your local Anytime Fitness facility for help.


To cancel you Anytime Fitness membership, physically visit the gym where you signed up for membership for assistance. Talk to the facility’s management and explain the reasons for cancellation. They should provide you with information regarding their cancellation policy such as the cancellation notice period and the applicable cancellation fee. If they are not able to resolve your issues, they will guide you through the cancellation process.

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